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Coil Types


Utilising only the best insulation materials available, we source quality products both locally and internationally from suppliers such as  Von Roll Isola,  Isovolta  and  Jones Stroud.  

It is our policy to provide the customer with the highest quality finished product. This is achieved through the combination of quality materials and proven processing methods.

armature coils

Insulation Systems

Different coils, applications and environments require unique insulation systems. We have a system to suit your application.

Resin Rich

For high voltage AC stator coils to 13.8kV, and DC field coils. Utilising Mica/glass based B-stage epoxy sheet and tapes, pressed to size and consolidated under heat and pressure.

Soft System

For AC stator coils to 6.6kV. Utilising a combination of mica/polyester/glass tapes and flexible epoxy resins, making for a very flexible coil for easy insertion.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation 

For AC stator or AC/DC field coils. Utilising porous micas tapes and saturable Nomex / woven glass combinations. Relying on the impregnating resin to provide a rigid void free insulation system.

Low Voltage

For stator, armature, field coils and rotor bars. Utilising the following products in varying combinations to achieve the required builds, temperature classifications and performance characteristics. Nomex, Kapton, Mica tapes and wrappers, Glass or polyester tapes.

All insulation systems are suitable for VPI or dip varnishing. Resin rich and Soft systems are suitable for on-site and in-situ rewinding, with final processing by spray varnish or epoxy to seal slot wedges and lashings.
stator processing

Conductor Coverings

Winding Kits

We are able to supply comprehensive insulation winding kits with our coils. These can be based on standard winding requirements or your specific needs. Refer ‘Winding Kit’ listing.


Road, rail, sea or air, we can deliver FAST direct to your door.
Our packaging methods have been designed to protect your coils, from despatch at our works to the motor winders hands.