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Coli Making Abilities:


Leveraging a rich legacy in coil manufacture and electric motor repair, our team boasts a collective coil experience exceeding 100 years. Comprising 4 dedicated professionals in management, technical, and administration roles, alongside 10 skilled production staff, our workforce operates with a hands-on approach at every level. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of our products and processing methods.

Harnessing skills honed over 25 years, we take pride in crafting all our jigs and tooling for armature, rotor bar, and field coils in-house. This meticulous approach guarantees both efficiency and absolute control over the entire process, from the initial design phase through prototyping to the seamless transition into full-scale production of the approved design.

Our primary objective is to meet stringent tolerances concerning coil size and fitting parameters. This commitment ensures not only the ease of coil fit but also winder friendliness, culminating in a streamlined and high-quality motor rewind. Thereby enhancing opportunities for greater profitability and end user satisfaction.


Global Coils management system has been certified by SAI Global as complying to ISO 9001. The implementation, maintenance and adherence to the Quality Management System is paramount to the achievement of our company’s objectives.

Our aim is to be at the forefront of the electric motor coil manufacturing industry. The primary focus is to achieve and maintain a level of excellence in both quality of product and customer service. This will guarantee the continued support of our valued customers, and strengthen our position in the marketplace.

stator processing
stator processing

Research & Development

Extensive in-house Research and Development has led to superior insulation systems that surpass the testing criteria of international standards and have been verified by third parties. Investigative and destructive testing has allowed us to develop processing methods that enhance the characteristics of the individual components of the insulation system leading to outstanding test results.

Workshop Facility

Our manufacturing facility is designed for efficiency, with a purpose-built layout that complements the production process.

We have dedicated work areas for different coil types, ensuring organised and efficient production.

High voltage coils are processed in a climate-controlled ‘clean room’ to prevent foreign material ingress.

Our dedicated test room is equipped with modern testing equipment to meet international standards, including type testing for high voltage coils.



stator processing